Welkom to house-radio  |  the House-radio (brand) name will be changed to Huub Amsterdam soon  | contact : cchouseradio@gmail.com

House-radio was formed by DJ Huub Amsterdam and DJ Coco Berlin in 2007 as a non-profit internet radio station without commercials. The first years Coco and me (Huub) created a special deephouse radio stream together and played weekly live shows from the start of the internet radio station. Later on Coco was more focused on the creative part of the radio station and real live DJ performances in Europe and his own brand of parties in and around Berlin. Huub Amsterdam kept the internet radio running by automating the music programming, stream and arranging (together with Coco) DJs who were willing to play a show live on the radio station. Because of highspeed internet was more accessible in the world DJs were able to play live from there countries (from Australia to USA) on our radio station based in Amsterdam. In the last years Coco Berlin was not anymore involved in the radio due to his busy DJ schedule and party organizing and Huub Amsterdam still kept the stream alive. In 2018 Huub Amsterdam decided to stop the radio stream because of other stream technologies like Soundcloud, mixcloud , spotify, itunes etc. which is more suitable for listeners in this present timeHuub Amsterdam is still bringing the known House-radio vibe by his regular updated Deep Twist DJ sets on Soundcloud and some other special selections. You can find the DJ sets below this website together with some old recordings live on the former radio. Huub Amsterdam and Coco Berlin are still connected as friends and DJs. We still play on the same party at least every year organized by Coco himself and Empro named the Betriebsfeier which is already 16 years quarterly organized (together brought 64 best parties of Berlin!)To keep serving all listeners and lovers of the house-radio style of music, the house-radio (brand) name will be changed the Huub Amsterdam to keep connected with the former radio vibe.We like to thank all the DJ’s, organizations, donating people (lot!) and millions of listeners worldwide who support us to bring this special sound.We hope you keep smiling when hearing us playing live or via podcasts and remember the sounds we bring are inspired by the house-radio period !!