Listen to Houseradio internet radio to experience the special blend of deephouse and techhouse. Below you can select 3 streams. Stream 1 and 2 are high bandwidth servers 128kbit/s, Stream 3 is low bandwidth AAC+, but still an amazing quality for example for mobile devices. The radio is following a smart playlist schedule. During the week we programmed more deephouse, in the weekend more techhouse. In between international DJ's are spinning live on the radio streams. Every week we add new interesting tracks released on well and less known labels. Houseradio members are able to tune in our private streams up to 320bit/s including tracktitles. Members can also view the recent playlists. We hope you enjoy the stream and will join our special community!

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* high quality stream including realtime tracktitles exclusively for houseradio members

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  • You can tune in on our private stream(s) upto 320kbit/s including tracktitles *new
  • You can view the realtime tracktitles and request tracks on the website
  • You have access to the playlist history of the streams

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